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Drew Millward 2009-2010 Subscription

Drew Millward 2009-2010 Subscription

Price: $300.00
This item is out of stock


Here it is, the first X Drew Millward subscription offer.  This package will include:

-At least 15 screenprinted concert posters (This starts now, so it will include The Tallest Man On Earth and Pelican, plus upcoming work for Flight of the Conchords, Opeth, Crystal Antlers, Gallows, Mogwai, and more).

-At least 5 screenprinted art prints (This will include the upcoming "Warn the Town" print, as well as the art print version of Drew's Tallest Man poster.  More awesomeness will of course follow).

-One original drawing (nuff said).

-Random goodness.

We plan to distribute the goodies in 3 shipments throughout the year.  The first should go out this summer, then one in the winter, the last around the end of the sub.  If a person wanted to pay for more frequent shipments, this is certainly negotiable.

Payment plans can be worked out, as long as at least 1/3 of the sub is paid up front, then the other 2/3 before the first shipment goes out.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email.


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